Saturday, March 31, 2007

Kobe Drops 53 and Loses

Houston Rockets vs. The LA Lakers? Tracy McGrady vs. Kobe Bryant? Not!! It is more like The Houston Rockets vs. Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant had his 5th 50-point game in March against the Rockets. However, Kobe took an L this time. Him and his 53 points loss to the Rockets 107-104. He had more than half the Lakers points. It took him 44 shots to get to 53. His previous four 50-point games resulted in wins against mediocre teams. This one was against arguably the best defensive team in the league.

Yao Ming and the Rockets played a great game though. Yao had 39 points to go along with T-Mac's 30. The Rockets are a half game behind the Utah Jazz for that 4th spot in the Western Conference, which would let them have Home Court Advantage.

Sorry Kobe, as my friend Jay-Z would say "You lost One".

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Anonymous said...

Why is everybody so overly impressed with Phil Jackson? Any ten year old (non-basketball playing girl) could coach with players like Shaq, Jordan---so what's all the f__ing hype. Coaches like Larry Brown, teams with little superstar talent deserve your respect---not those who've been "given" great players on a silver platter. If I hear how great Phil Jackson is again---I'll scream! Let's see how he does with only 1 superstar? That is the test of a great coach---lets see now if he passes this test.