Tuesday, March 27, 2007

King James' Castle

A casino, a theater, a recording studio, an aquarium, a barbershop, a sports bar and a bowling alley. These are places you would find within a city. However, NBA superstar Lebron James' new house will include all of these.

According to the blueprints, LeBron's new home will encompass 35,440 square feet.

Lebron was thinking mainly about the location of his new home. He is close to family and friends and still in his home town.

Clearly, LeBron is more concerned with another real estate axiom: location, location, location. He's within easy striking distance of his office (also known as Quicken Loans Arena) and on the outer fringe of his hometown.

``It lets me be close to my family and friends in the Akron area and continue to contribute to the community,'' he said through his agent.

For now, I'm guessing we wont have to worry about Lebron leaving Cleveland anytime soon. I'm also sure that he bought the house without the help of Warren Buffett.

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