Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Oldest Ever?

Kevin Willis will be becoming the oldest player to ever play the game at 44 when he signs with the Dallas Mavericks.
"He'll be around our big guys at practice to bang on them," Johnson said. "Hopefully we can get him in good enough shape to play in an emergency and maybe give us a couple of fouls."

The six extra fouls that Willis can give them can be helpful. I'm amazed at the fact that the guy is still playing basketball at 44. I really want to see what shape he is in. Hopefully, he will have a positive impact on the Mavs on their road to the NBA finals.

Kobe Drops 53 and Loses

Houston Rockets vs. The LA Lakers? Tracy McGrady vs. Kobe Bryant? Not!! It is more like The Houston Rockets vs. Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant had his 5th 50-point game in March against the Rockets. However, Kobe took an L this time. Him and his 53 points loss to the Rockets 107-104. He had more than half the Lakers points. It took him 44 shots to get to 53. His previous four 50-point games resulted in wins against mediocre teams. This one was against arguably the best defensive team in the league.

Yao Ming and the Rockets played a great game though. Yao had 39 points to go along with T-Mac's 30. The Rockets are a half game behind the Utah Jazz for that 4th spot in the Western Conference, which would let them have Home Court Advantage.

Sorry Kobe, as my friend Jay-Z would say "You lost One".

Raptors Bite Wizards

If I'm the Washington Wizards, I would just waive Micheal Ruffin right now. The Toronto Raptors were down three with under four seconds to go in regulation, they throw in a full court pass that was broken up by Washington's Michael Ruffin, who figured it was time to celebrate. He threw the ball in the air like normal players do when they are about to celebrate.

Oddly enough, he didn't throw the ball high enough for time to run out. Morris Peterson caught the ball and threw up and hit the prayer to force overtime. The Raps ended up winning and moved on to 40-32 on the season with 3rd place in the Eastern Conference. This team has turned it around with the help of Chris Bosh

Magic Wipe out Pacers

With a 87-95 loss to the Magic, I'm sure the Indiana Pacers wont be heading to the playoffs. Jermaine O'Neal could not do anything to help his team. He was held to 4-for-18 shooting mostly caused by Dwight Howard. He was also seriously victimized on a dunk by Trevor Ariza. O'Neal's future with the Pacers is not looking too great at the moment. On the other hand, the Magic still have a lot of improving to do. Dwight Howard is a beast but still needs to develop his post game. He is getting way too many turnovers on charges or travels. He only had 10 points and I'm beginning to expect more out of him. The man played 43 minutes and only attempted 10 shots. The only Player on the Magic that seems to know how to create a shot for himself is Trevor Ariza and he isn't even really that good offensively yet. Good Luck to the Magic if they have to face the Detroit Pistons or the Cleveland Cavaliers in the first round.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Stat Stuffers

  • Josh Smith went for 25 points, 15 boards, 6 blocks and 4 dimes. These kind of games are becoming regular for Smith. I'm expecting a quadruple double from him soon.
  • Gerald Wallace had 31 points, 9 boards, 4 steals and 4 blocks. I love seeing games like these. Him and Josh smith make it happen so often.
  • Andrei Kirilenko chipped in with 13 points, 8 boards, 5 blocks and 3 steals
The games of these three players are really similar. They use there length, size and athletic ability the most to achieve these kind of stats. Josh Smith seem like he could become a really good scorer in this league. If and when he does improve his scoring, it will be great if he keeps doing whatever it is that gets him these 25 points, 15 boards, 6 blocks and 4 dimes. Not to mention that he isn't that bad of a passer having his fair share of games where he had a high amount of assists. Whoever has him on there fantasy team should thank him for a job well done this season.

Mavs soar to 60

The Dallas Mavericks have reached 60 wins for the 3rd time in five year with there 105-103 win against the Milwaukee Bucks. Even more impressive is that they won the game without Dirk Nowitzki who left in the second quarter after tweaking his ankle.

"Fifty wins cannot be trivialized," said coach Avery Johnson, who has coached the Mavs to 60 wins in both of his full seasons, yet enjoyed 60 wins only twice in 16 seasons as a player. "To get 60 or anything above 60 wins in the Western Conference is tough. You talk about 60, that is pretty impressive, especially the way we started [0-4].

"But these men come to play every day. They refuse to lose."

Avery Johnson has reason to to be happy, this is his second 60-in season with the Mavs and he may be receiving the Coach of the Year award for the second time.
Jason terry led the way for the Mavs with 27 points and hitting a couple of crucial shots down the stretch to seal the game.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

King James' Castle

A casino, a theater, a recording studio, an aquarium, a barbershop, a sports bar and a bowling alley. These are places you would find within a city. However, NBA superstar Lebron James' new house will include all of these.

According to the blueprints, LeBron's new home will encompass 35,440 square feet.

Lebron was thinking mainly about the location of his new home. He is close to family and friends and still in his home town.

Clearly, LeBron is more concerned with another real estate axiom: location, location, location. He's within easy striking distance of his office (also known as Quicken Loans Arena) and on the outer fringe of his hometown.

``It lets me be close to my family and friends in the Akron area and continue to contribute to the community,'' he said through his agent.

For now, I'm guessing we wont have to worry about Lebron leaving Cleveland anytime soon. I'm also sure that he bought the house without the help of Warren Buffett.

D-Wade Works Out

Looks like the Miami Heat may be getting superstar Dwyane Wade back for a couple games before the season is over. Deciding to not go through with the shoulder surgery this season, he has healed quite well so far.

Wade said afterward that it was the most work he has done on the court since he sustained the injury. At one point, he made 16 of 21 long jumpers and nine of 10 free throws. The right-handed Wade showed no sign of problems with the left shoulder.

''Every day, I try to shoot more and more,'' Wade said. ``[From] where I felt the night of the injury to where I am now feels like a year ago. It just feels great to be out there.''

Miami Herald

Things are not looking too bad for the Heat at the moment.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Lebron's Buddy?

Billionaire Warren Buffet is a friend of Lebron James. I repeat. Billionaire Warren Buffet is a friend of Lebron James.
"He wanted a few tips on basketball and I wanted a little advice on money," joked Buffett, estimated by Forbes Magazine to be worth $52 billion. "We switch. He tells me what socks to buy and I tell him what stocks to pick."

Buffett said he has become a big fan of the 22-year-old James, who has built his own business portfolio. James signed a three-year, $60 million contract extension in July and already has endorsement deals worth an estimated $150 million.

"He's terrific," Buffett said. "I just want to be partners with him. He can probably buy the whole place."

How does Lebron do it? Jay-Z and Warren Buffett. Also talking about becoming a global icon. I'm starting to realize more and more that Lebron will become the richest NBA player EVER!!

Sweet Jazz Music

Whoa! The Utah Jazz better be careful. Their chances of having Home Court advantage in the playoffs may be in peril. The Houston Rockets are working on taking it away from them. The Jazz road record is only 18-17 so HC should be a priority for them right now. However, the Jazz may find it hard to get some wins because they still have games against the Phoenix Suns, Denver Nuggets, Dallas Mavericks, and 2 against the Houston Rockets left on their schedule. Good Luck!

Can the Knicks make the Playoffs?

This New York Knicks in the playoffs can be really good for the NBA. Living in NYC myself, I have noticed that talk about NBA has lessened over the past 2-3 years. I know that if the Knicks make the playoffs that the NBA talk in NYC will begin to rise again. Tonight may be a crucial one for the Knicks as they go head to head against Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic at Madison Square Garden. A win tonight could be huge since the Knicks are 2 games behind Orlando for the 8th spot in the Eastern Conference. They would be a game closer to tasting the playoffs again. It would also be a good idea to get in the playoffs so their 1st round pick that the Chicago Bulls own, doesn't become too valuable. Hopefully the Knicks can pull through tonight.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Coach of the Year?

The season is nearing its end and the coach of the year race is looking tight. Avery Johnson once again has the Dallas Mavericks playing like the leagues best. Jerry Sloan has helped the Utah Jazz turn things around with the help of Deron Williams. Mike D'Antoni has the Phoenix Suns right up there with the Mavericks. Jeff Van Gundy has succeeded in keeping the Houston Rockets in the playoff race with Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming taking turns getting injured. Sam Mitchell has magically turned the Toronto Raptors into the best team in the Atlantic Division. Flip Saunders has kept the Detroit Pistons as the best team in the Eastern Conference even without Ben Wallace.

Ron Artest to Retire?

He's a 27-year old 8 year veteran who is talking about retiring.

Sacramento Kings forward Ron Artest told multiple teammates this week that he wants to retire at season's end to spend more time with his family, according to club sources.
ESPN 3/25/07

I don't know who to feel sorry for, Ron Artest, his family, or the Sacramento Kings organization. This isn't the first time Artest has considered retirement. He was talking about it before and after his 73 game suspension with Indiana. Artest need to embrace the fact that he is an NBA player.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Kobe 5-50?

Kobe Bryant has left his mark yet again on the NBA by stringing together a recent streak of 4 50-point games in a row. Kobe has joined Wilt Chamberlain as the only players to ever score 50 points in 4 straight games. In addition, the Los Angeles Lakers next game is against the Golden State Warriors. Any game with the Warriors is expected to be a high scoring affair so expect Kobe to be on his way to another 50 point performance. Kobe bryant wants to be remembered for scoring points and winning basketball games, not the suspension-causing swipes he's taken at opposing players:

"The thing that was frustrating for me was people were talking about, 'He's a dirty player,' which, for me, is pretty insulting," Bryant said. "To have people talking about something else besides that -- it's a much better feeling."

ESPN 3/23/07